Welcome to the Future of Home Heating

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat to find the perfect temperature?

Are you concerned about rising energy bills and environmental impact?

It’s time to upgrade to smart heating solutions and take control of your home’s comfort and efficiency.


The Benefits of Smart Heating

At Visual Control Systems, our smart heating systems are designed to revolutionise how you experience home heating.

Precise Temperature Control

Say goodbye to hot and cold spots.

With a smart heating system, you can choose a temperature that suits you at that moment and instantly alter it if you change your mind.


Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy waste and lower your utility bills.

These systems can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint by having an automated schedule that adapts to conditions.

Remote Access

Motion detectors and remote access are great for pretending you’re at home when you’re away.

They keep people away and give you that extra peace of mind.

Comfort and Convenience

Enjoy personalised comfort all day, every day.

Smart heating systems can learn your habits and preferences over time, allowing for effortless temperature control and adaptation to your daily routine.

How Smart Heating Works

Our heating systems use technology that combines advanced sensors, connectivity, and automation for high levels of comfort. They continuously gather data on both indoor and outdoor conditions, including temperature, humidity and occupancy levels. By analysing this in real time, you may not even have to lift a finger to have your ideal temperature.

Features of Smart Heating

1. Programmable Schedules

Whether you prefer different temperatures throughout the day or want to adjust settings for specific rooms, our systems allow you to program heating cycles according to your preferences.

Only having the heating on for the little (or long) time you need it saves you money.

2. Energy Usage Monitoring

With the use of interfaces or mobile apps, you can easily track your energy usage. It can find patterns and trends to help you further reduce your energy usage and wastage.

Wireless Heating Controls


3. Integration

If you have smart lighting, security cameras, or voice assistants, smart heating systems can communicate with these devices for home automation.

It’s super convenient and enables you to create custom routines and scenarios involving comfort, security and energy efficiency throughout the home.

Who Are Our Suppliers?

We work with a few smart heating providers, some of which can offer you more home automation, depending on your wants and needs.


From all things home automation to the sleek specifics, Control4 has all you could ever need. The thermostat has hidden remote sensors that can be hidden across your home, so you’ll always have the perfect temperature no matter where you are.

You could even go all out and invest in automated blinds, shaders, and lights that will keep you comfortable at the press of a button.


Like Control4, Crestron offers a whole range of home automation technology.

The temperature control panel is paired with remotes that can be used all throughout the house, and there is even a central screen hub to monitor all of your home’s automated gadgets.


The Heatmiser is a thermostat and heating system all in one. It pre-calculates the energy and heating needed to warm your home when you wake up and when you return home during the day.

You can also change the temperatures within different rooms, as everyone has their own personal preferences.

Installing Smart Heating

At Visual Control Systems, we understand that any installation process can seem daunting, especially when upgrading to smart technology.

That’s why we’re here to make it as easy and as stress-free as possible.


Expert Support: If you have any questions or come across any challenges during the installation process, our team of experts is here to help.

User-Friendly Interface: Thermostats from Crestron, Heatmiser, and Control4 are all incredibly easy to use once you know the basics. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Start Enjoying the Benefits: Say goodbye to fluctuating temperatures and high energy bills – with smart heating, you’re in control of your home’s climate like never before.

Innovative Comfort Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is smart heating?

Smart heating uses advanced technology to control your home’s temperature more efficiently. It lets you adjust heating settings from your phone or by voice, making your home more comfortable while saving energy.

2. How do smart thermostats work?

Smart thermostats track indoor and outdoor temperatures and your preferences to adjust heating automatically. They learn your schedule and habits to save energy while keeping you comfortable.

3. Are smart heating systems compatible with all homes?

Most homes can use smart heating, but compatibility depends on factors like your heating system and Wi-Fi availability. Check your home’s compatibility with us before buying.

4. How much can I save on energy bills with smart heating?

Savings vary based on factors like home size and habits, but smart heating can typically save 10-30% on heating bills. It’s also worth noting that your location and starting energy prices also affect savings.

5. Can smart systems be controlled remotely?

Yes, our heating systems can be controlled remotely using smartphone apps or online portals. This allows you to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere, providing convenience and flexibility.

6. Do smart heating systems require an internet connection?

Yes, most smart heating systems require an internet connection to enable remote control and access to advanced features. However, some models may offer limited functionality without internet connectivity.

7. Are smart heating systems safe to use?

Yes, these heating systems are designed with safety features for safe operation. These features may include temperature monitoring, automatic shut-off in case of malfunctions, and compatibility with carbon monoxide detectors. Additionally, reputable smart heating products undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards.

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