Networking and Wifi

Wired and wireless WiFi systems for Home and Business Installations.

At the heart of all modern homes and control system is a robust and reliable network and WiFi system.

Visual Control Systems can achieve this through the installation of many top brand networking equipment including:

It is possible via Packedge series of product for us to monitor and control your system for you, enabling us to detect any network faults before you do, and so minimise any disruption to you.

Superior Networking for the Connected Home


Pakedge – A Connected Home For A Connected Life

With so many devices being used simultaneously and heavily taxing your home network, how can you ensure optimal performance every day?

Network stability and strength is critical and you shouldn’t settle for sub-par wireless performance. Pakedge wireless networks and superior routers work together to provide you with high-speeds, reliability, and consistent peak performance.

The Central System of Your Connected Home

Just as the Internet is the electronic pulse that brings a connected home to life, the network is the central nervous system that carries critical information to all of your connected devices.

In today’s continuously-connected world, more and more devices are coming online, most notably in our homes—and it’s more imperative than ever to have a robust, high-performing home network that you can rely on. Always.

Whether you have a few devices online or your home is brimming with automation, Pakedge delivers a sophisticated network—and the highest-quality products—all designed for the unique demands of your connected home.


Dependable & Packed with Performance

From Netflix to Napster, Xbox to iPads, the Pakedge network is designed especially for your connected home so everything works at all times. Your network traffic is prioritized so your experience is seamless, reliable, and consistently dependable. Email and internet searches won’t be interrupted while concurrently streaming movies or music, and cameras, intercoms, and other online devices are trusted to perform just as they should.

Simple to Scale

A Pakedge network is a platform that evolves with you. As your technology demands change, some homes and solutions require more sophisticated configurations. With the simple addition of a component or two, your home network can be easily updated to manage new devices and adapt to changing network needs.


Switches bring out the true performance of your connected devices to give flexibility for wired connections and even power your devices. Pakedge switches are designed to process AV network traffic flows at incredibly high speeds and eliminate lag, jitter, and buffering in streaming audio and video traffic.


The Pakedge wireless controller scans your local environment to adapt and optimize your wireless performance while access points provide coverage throughout the home and enterprise-level wireless communication between all devices within a network.


The Connected Home

Award-winning Pakedge networks are engineered specifically to improve multimedia streaming. From one-room entertainment to homes with automation, Pakedge provides an always-on foundation for your connected

The Advanced Connected Home

For homes integrated with an ample amount of streaming devices — from audio/video to intercom, cameras, and more—Pakedge enables traffic segmentation to ensure steady A/V streaming so you never miss a beat. For advanced homes that need a little more attention, Pakedge systems allow your integrator to monitor your uptime and remotely fix any issues should they arise.

Ready to add Some “Smarts” to Your Home?

A powerful, configurable and manageable network plays a critical role in today’s smart home. If you’re interested in making your home smarter with the best home automation available today, Control4 and Pakedge is the only way to go. And even better, we’re even part of the same family, so our commitment to our customers is unwavering.

Combining an industry-leading suite of advanced networking solutions with a unified smart home system that offers personalized control over the entire home, Control4 and Pakedge are enhancing the daily lives of homeowners around the globe. Our dealers are highly trained system designers and installers, qualified to help build the smart home of your dreams.

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