BakPak® Lite is designed to provide a cloud monitoring system

BakPak allows us to help you monitor and configure your home automation system for you remotely.

BakPak Lite is designed to keep your high performance Pakedge network running at its best.  It allows us to help monitor and configure your home automation system remotely, on your behalf, should you require it.

Alternatively, Intelligent Alerts, via email, SMS or the BakPak Cloud App can allow you to manage your own network through the Cloud anywhere, any time and on any device. In conjunction with BakPak’s own self-healing functionality the process of managing a network system has become so much simpler.

BakPak® Cloud Management

BakPak allows companies to save on labor overhead by simplifying and automating the more tedious maintenance and management processes. Its sophisticated task and management automation transform networking by increasing efficiency, minimizing errors, and increasing profitability for integrators. This is all made possible by BakPak’s refined system intelligence, which sets it apart from other remote management systems and makes Pakedge a favorite among integrators.

BakPak gives integrators end-to-end control from a distance with in-depth monitoring of network devices and control systems. BakPak does this with prioritized alerts, robust permission settings, automated network repair and mapping, easy configuration management, report logging, backup and restore functionality, and TriPlex, a unique troubleshooting system that determines the cause of the problem in case of a network outage or configuration error.

Another particularly useful BakPak feature is Pakedge’s software virtualization which creates digital versions of hardware devices in the network that act like the actual physical units. However, these digital units can be grouped and managed in ways not possible with physical units. For example, some or all of the Pakedge power controllers can be combined with each other power controllers and PoE switches, within the network, or across multiple networks to create new “super-controllers”. These “super-controllers” can be treated as one unit, and be managed and operated as one for simplicity and efficiency.

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