The Most Popular Smart Home Technology

24 January 2024 | By Gemma Lewis | Smart Home

Curious about the most popular smart home technology? From voice assistants like Alexa to advanced security systems, smart lighting, and connected devices, these innovations make homes more efficient, secure, and convenient. The Internet of Things (IoT) unifies these innovations, creating a connected, automated, and secure living space.

The Era of Smart Homes is Upon Us

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we live, and most of us don’t even realise it.

Home automation has become integral to modern living, improving convenience, security, and efficiency.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the most popular smart home technologies for 2024, exploring the innovations that are shaping the homes of the future.

Voice Assistants: The Command Center of Smart Homes

Hands-free is the only way to live. Voice-activated virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant have become the central hub, completely changing the way we interact with technology at home and work.

You can easily control a variety of smart devices, from adjusting thermostats and lighting to playing music, using straightforward vocal commands. It simplifies tasks and shows the overall ease of managing smart homes.

By connecting televisions, speakers, electrics and more, your home becomes automated and voice-activated. 

Nothing is nicer than being able to control your home without getting off the sofa. 

Smart Home Security

Many companies, like Ring, have branched out from video doorbells to create a more cohesive range of security products

Honestly, they are a great option for smaller homes in typically safe areas, as they get the job done without having to invest too much money.

It tends to include multiple motion sensors and indoor/outdoor cameras that are either battery-powered or hardwired into your electrical system. 

Suppose your home is larger or you have a lot of valuable possessions. In that case, it may be worth looking into a security system that’s completely managed and even sends alerts to the police if anything suspicious happens. 

Security cameras and detectors that run with the rest of your electronics are much safer than relying on your memory to replace batteries every few months. 

It’s more costly initially but saves you in the long run. 

Video Doorbells and Intercoms

One piece of popular smart home technology that’s skyrocketed in the past decade is intercoms and video doorbells. 

You can easily see who’s knocking at your door when you need to answer and even when you’d rather leave them outside. 

Smart doorbells like Control4’s Chime are your best professional solution to this. Unlike Ring and other DIY systems, there is no need for additional payments to be able to view the camera footage in real-time. 

Chime has a 180-degree field of view in every type of lighting alongside night mode for round-the-clock video clarity, as well as a two-way audio stream once activated. 

Home and Commercial Intercoms

If you want a stream of contact throughout your home or business, not just outside, Video Intercom may be for you. 

Control4 offers 4Sight, allowing you to connect with your home’s video interfaces from wherever you are, whenever. If you completely automate your home, you can answer intercom calls from your phone and unlock or lock doors based on who it is. 

Though this handheld version is based on a subscription, the peace of mind it can give you is worth its weight in gold. 

Smart Lighting and Heating

Lighting Options

This is arguably one of the most popular smart home technology out there right now. People of all ages have bought smart lighting systems without necessarily realising it. 

The most common, Philips Hue, connects to the wifi and allows users to control the bulbs’ colour, shade, and brightness. 

So, if you’re having a party, a romantic night in, or just want to relax, there’s an easy way to set the mood with your phone. 

They can also be set to have schedules to get you up in the morning or to ward off possible threats if you’re out at night. 

One of the only issues is if your Wifi goes down, you’re left with limited control over your setup, which isn’t a problem with more professional options like Lutron. 

Our Lutron set-up completely controls the lighting in your home, from the actual bulbs to blinds that can dim and block out external light. 

Although on the pricier side of things, there is no reliance on the internet to work and allows you to be in control of more of your home at once. 

Smart Heating

30% of the world’s energy consumption comes from heating and cooling buildings, so it’s no surprise smart heating is a popular technology option for most homes this decade. 

Smart thermostats have been recommended for years: they save you money over time by letting you better monitor the temperature around your home. 

You can adjust your schedule from wherever you are without having to tamper with your boiler.

We suggest monitoring and controlling your heating system with Control4 or Savant Home Automation. These can interface with most heating systems like Hive or Heatmiser for ultimate efficiency. 

Home Cinema Technology

Home theatres are the real way to get that at-home VIP experience.

With smart OLED TVs and advanced surround sound speaker systems, creating a home cinema in your living room is incredibly easy. 

However, we have some recommendations if you want something that’s professional and the real deal. 

If you want to build it yourself in a designated cinema room, there will come a point where the technology is too specialised for unqualified electricians. 

When we fit and design home cinemas, it’s important to acknowledge the room size, acoustics and how we can integrate the best technology for the best video and sound. 

Every design is unique to the home, so there is no way to estimate the outcome until we’ve seen the space and got stuck in. 

As a professional installation company, we can offer you the best placements, quality and installation for the best cost you can get. 

Mirror TV

Going back to the DIY home cinema, a mirror TV can give you a hidden experience in any room you see fit. 

These televisions are becoming one of the most popular pieces of smart home technology in homes all over the world, as they bring a sense of minimalism, functionality, and elegance to residences. 

When turned off, they act as a dark mirror and can even be framed to blend seamlessly into your surrounding decor.

Multi-Room Audio Systems

Another popular smart home technology is advanced audio systems

Most systems support your favourite streaming software and allow you to listen to the same sound throughout your home and garden all at once. 

With easy interfaces like in-wall and tabletop touchscreens, systems like Control4 integrate with Amazon’s Alexa to make playing and pausing music with natural, verbal commands easy. 

If you’re away from your voice control point, you can change tune with your smartphone, a wired or wireless keypad or a handheld remote. 

It’s much better than using a Bluetooth speaker forever. 

Connected Home Devices: Are They Really Worth It?

Convenience: A Definite Yes:

The ability to control lights, thermostats, security systems, and more with a simple voice command or through a mobile app can genuinely enhance daily life.

It takes away the stress of monitoring energy usage, especially when it’s becoming more and more expensive. 

If you want a more streamlined home, it’s 100% the best option for you. 

Privacy and Security Concerns:

Despite the benefits, the integration of connected home devices raises valid concerns about privacy and security. 

The collection and exchange of personal data between devices can be a potential vulnerability. 

You must weigh the convenience against the need for robust security measures, choosing products and brands that prioritise user privacy and implement stringent security protocols.

Trusted companies like ourselves focus on making your home feel safe for you, and our commitment to this in every practice can help put you at ease.

It’s Up to You

Think deeply about your needs and who you trust to fit your home automation systems. 

If you’re not comfortable or you feel like something is off, hold back and speak to another installation company like Visual Control Systems. 

The most popular smart home technology may or may not be for you, but if you’re unsure, please reach out; we can have a chat and answer all your questions. 

Ready to revolutionise the way you interact with your home?

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The Most Popular Smart Home Technology