Set The Scene With Smart Lighting

21 September 2021 | By Gemma Lewis | Smart Lighting

Movie night at the touch of a button – dim the lights, lock the doors, close the curtains – its all possible with smart lighting and whole home automation from Control4.

More than just smart bulbs or the odd plug-in timer, a comprehensive smart lighting system is about security, convenience, and setting the perfect scene—every time. Customizable and personalized Control4 Smart Lighting can:

  • Supplement your security system and help deter mischief.
  • Create an ideal movie-viewing experience.
  • Provide the perfect party or holiday ambience.
  • Make sure you never come home to a dark house or trip at the night.
Set the scene with smart lighting

Whether you want to outfit the whole house or start small and add more later, with multiple configurations and finishes for any budget, a Smart Home Pro can help you figure out what’s right for you.

Book in for a Smart Home demonstration in our dedicated showroom – 01295 278356